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Why do high carbs wreak havoc in your pet’s gut? How many carbs are too many plus how to know the carb count in dry foods that don’t and won’t list carbs.
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We live in a fast paced world. Stress levels are high. Dogs respond to your stress. So how can you make sure you give your dog the best life possible without it totally stressing you out? It’s easy as 1-2-3!
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Four (4) vets take on a blind challenge to see if they can pick out the best and worst dry dog foods on the market. What they say about pet food that is sold as a premium/prescription dog food containing toxic and cheap ingredients costing twice as much as grocery store brands in equal quality is shocking! Plus learn what’s in store bought poultry that the FDA says is safe!
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Today’s podcast will discuss what to do when your dog has the runs.  What are the causes? How do you know when you need to see the vet? Should you fast your dog and for how long. Is cooked chicken and rice really beneficial. Do medications help or hinder your dogs gut? How to know if your dog is in danger and how to take your dogs vital is vitally important anytime!

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Pet parents love their big ole pump bottles of fish oil.  But is that the healthiest option for your dog and what you can feed to increase Omega 3’s instead

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High Pressure Pasturization known as HPP is being touted as the safer and best way to manufacture raw dog food. But is that really the truth? Once you hear the facts you may think different. Don’t get fooled by marketing or scare tactics that has little scientific research behind it. Get the facts, then decide.
Is a raw species appropriate diet for cats? Absolutely. Is a kibble diet good for cats? Absolutely not!

Find out why?

There are all sorts of reasons why dogs all of a sudden stop eating certain blends of the raw diet. Some of them just may surprise you!
How much should puppies eat when feeding a raw diet? Some information says 10% some says 2% what is the truth? Find out what’s best for your breed today on The Raw Dog Food Truth
Salmonella is responsible for 1.2 million food-borne illnesses in humans, with 19,000 hospitalizations and some 400 deaths every year. Though it’s relatively uncommon for dogs to actually become ill from ingesting Salmonella – the illness is called “salmonellosis” – the canine symptoms are similar to those seen in humans, including diarrhea, sometimes with blood and/or mucous; vomiting and refusal to eat; fever; lethargy; and abdominal pain and cramping.

But what is the likelihood that you or your dog will contract Salmonella from feeding a Raw Dog Food Diet? You might be surprised where you could pick up Salmonella but it won’t likely be in raw dog food.

On the Podcast today is Zach Beukers son of Top Quality Dog Food founder Peter Beukers.

Peter is a trained meat cutter from Nijmegen, Netherlands with over 40 years of experience in the meat industry. He started mastering raw pet diets out of the love for his two dogs, Pece and Tawney, who are pictured in their logo.


Providing only human grade options, and to make High quality raw pet food affordable! No preservatives, grains, fillers or binders added to our meats. All of our meats come from USDA inspected and approved for human consumption sources.

Don’t stress – Good Health is as easy as 1. Protein 2. Organs
3. Bones
“Many low fat diet blends are 80 percent carbs and 20 percent protein. Some even contain a 90 percent carb-to-10 percent protein ratio. These diets are protein deficient!” – Dr. Karen Becker DVM

Low fat diets in dogs cause the following: Continued weight gain, Flakey skin and nails, dry or dull brittle coat with patchy hair loss and poor muscle tone.

There is a healthier way. Tune into the “Raw Dog Food Truth” and find out how to love your pet lean!

We have all heard of people getting adjusted at the Chiropractor, but what about dogs? What is the process to adjust them? Is ti safe? What are the benefits? Are certain types of dogs better candidates for chiropractic care than others? What are the risk?

All of these questions and more will be answered as Dr. Andi Harper a Denver based Chiropractor and Certified Animal Chiropractor joins the Raw Dog Food Truth Podcast. Dr. Harper will also reveal why she can no longer reccomend any kind of kibble to her clients.

Dr. Andi Ask…..
Are you looking for magic? Everyday I wonder, “What miracles and magic will I see today?” I do ask the question and I do see magic everyday in my animal chiropractic practice.

Over the past 13 years I have had the pleasure of working with animals and their owners at my canine chiropractic specialty clinic in Denver and all around the metro area offering equine and canine chiropractic sessions.

Dr. Andi Harper was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Denver, CO, USA. She owns and operates Animal Magic Care in Denver, CO. To learn more about chiropractic for dogs go to: www.animalmagiccare.com
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Premium kibble makes pet parents feel better about what they feed their beloved pets. But is it really better or have they been sold a bill of goods (crap). Find out why all those vitamines and supposedly great vegetables and fruits aren’t doing your dog any good and what’s the better solution to keeping your dogs happy, healthy and living their best life yet. Get all the information here on the Raw Dog Food Truth!
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It’s more than natural to believe your vet knows more about pet health than you do. But do they really know all the facts about the raw diet? When they say raw is bad for your dogs what are they REALLY talking about? Have their clients followed the Prey Model Diet or the BARF Model Diet correctly or have they just thrown them a piece of raw steak or hamburger meat without including the much needed organs and bone?

Without clarifying what your vet really knows about the raw diet you may get intimidated into continuing to feed a dry, dead and less than nutritious kibble diet.

Don’t be Pet Fooled. Find out how to take control of your pets health right here on the RAW Dog Food TRUTH.

Some people feed their dogs the Prey Model Diet way and some feed the BARF model diet way.

Who is right and who is wrong? What are the main differences? Plus with all the different type bones on the market which bones are more likely to ruin your dogs teeth and which ones are best for little dogs?

Today’s podcast Carmen Gudreau and I will be discussing allergies in dogs and when to rotate proteins for the healthiest pets.

Are dogs born with allergies? Yes and hear why.

What causes allergies? A lot of things but pet parents can help their dogs avoid 90% of them.

Why you need to switch up protiens and how often. You might be surprised by this answer.

Is a constant diet of lamb good or bad when it comes to staying allergy free? You will be able to answer this one yourself after you hear the podcast.

Should you switch from a prescription food like Royal Cannin if your dog has health issues?

What about dogs with irritable bowl syndrome, cancer or auto immune disorders? Is raw the best option or should you cook their food?

Today we look at real issues and real questions from our loving pet parents and raw feeding commuity of listeners.

Today’s podcast addresses the issue of fats in the raw diet.

How much fat is too much?

Which fats should be used with poultry and not meat?

What are the essential fatty acids needed for a smarter, happier and healthier dog?

Why coconut oil isn’t enough.

Add this to cover 3 of the most important EFA in meat and poultry.

DeDe Murcer Moffet, Author, Motivational Leadership Speaker and Entreprenuer and Nealy Piazza, Animal Health Activist, Certified Animal Massage and Acupressure Therapist, Certified Reiki and Nutrition Counselor and Kennel Manager of Happy Trails Pet Spa and Resort in Loveland Colorado discuss the new Netflix movie “Pet Fooled.” Why are so many dogs and cats dying of cancer, diabeties and kidney failure? Understand how packaging and marketing can sway even the best of pet parents to purchase dog food that is not only void of nutrition but potentially harmful to their pets. What you need to know. Get the Raw Truth!
Do you feel a sense of comfort and trust in your kibble dog food simply because it has a label which reads “Meets AAFCO Nutritional Standards.” Are you certain this is a good thing for your dog? Do you have the belief that the AAFCO – (American Association of Feed Control Officials) regulates, test, certifes and approves the nutritional value of your dog food brand? Think again.

Many new raw feeders want to know why raw pet foods don’t carry the AAFCO label and must state “This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.” Find out why the AAFCO standard is not a good thing in the raw feeding community and understand the myth of 100% Complete Nutrition.

Raw dog food feeders are the best pet parents around. They are committed to improving the health of their dogs and are willing to step outside the box when it comes to feeding the socially accepted and billion dollar industry commercial dog food. Raw dog food can be expensive so people are always looking for economical ways to cut cost without reverting back to kibble. But could the cheapest raw dog food, typically the 3D and 4D (dead, diseased, down and dying) be costing your dog their health?
Before you drop your dog off at the shelter or sentence them to live out their life in the backyard because of bad behavior, learn the “Raw Truth” about what you can do to positively change your dogs behavior in a SNAP!

Kari Solberg is a dog behaviorist and the owner of K-9 State of Mind in Parker, Colorado, a dog training and boarding facility. Kari is also a graduate of Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer) Training Program that helps dog owners restore and maintain balance and harmony in the home.

Kari understands that there are no bad dogs just learned bad behaviors. Kari’s deep understanding of dog psychology and training methods are allowing dog owners to breath a sigh of relief and dogs to take their rightful place in the home pack.

Listen today as Kari talks about the one thing you can do to bring out the best behavior in your dog.

To learn more: www.K-9StateofMind.com

Today we are non-bacteria fanatics but is that really a good thing? Could we be making ourselves vunerable to greater sickness by being overly sensitive to good bacteria? The Raw Dog Food Truth will discuss why a kibble fed dog may be more likely to make you sick than a raw feed dog. Also you will be surprised to learn the simply things you can do to feed your dog the healthiest raw food while eliminating the risk of contracting a disease or bacteria. Plus learn why bacterial exposure is absolutely necessary for the development of a healthy immune system for humans and dogs.
Want your dog to live a long and healthy life? Then give them the right kind of food that will enable them to digest all the vitamines and minerals needed for optimal well being, health and peak performance. Today we will discuss what’s the big deal about digestibilitiy and why it matters when feeding your dog a proper diet. Find out more at www.rawdogfoodandcompany.com

Hosting the show today is DeDe Murcer Moffett author, recording artist, motivational leadership speaker (www.dedemurcermoffett.com) and owner with her husband Rick of Raw Dog Food and Company located in the Denver Colorado area.

Co-hosting the show is Raw Dog Food Expert Carmen Gaudreau. Carmen has been reserching and utilizing the raw diet to keep her dogs healthy and performing at peak levels for over 25 years.

If you want your dog to live happy and healthy and get the best nutrition available then you need to know the truth about the food your dogs is eating. What is the Raw Truth? Find out each week ast we sniff out the myths and misconceptions that surround the raw diet for dogs and optimal health.

Host of the show is DeDe Murcer Moffett, Author, Motivational Leadership Speaker, Pet lover and advocate of the “Prey Model” raw dog food diet and owner of Raw Dog Food and Company.

Co-hosting “The Raw Dog Food Truth” is Carmen Gaudreau, a 23-year veteran of the “Raw Dog Food Diet.” Carmen isn’t just your ordinary raw feeder. She is what many would call an expert on the benefits, myths, misconceptions and unsubstantiated fears of the raw diet for dogs.

For the last 23 years Carmen and her beloved dogs have experienced the benefits of raw and unearthed the knowledge to go against the standard quo and veterinarian prescribed methods of feeding.

The pay-off and results have been nothing short of miraculous. Tune in to find out how Carmen healed her 10-month old Bouvie without antibiotics from a severe bladder infection, defied a cancer diagnosis and turned this picky unweight eater into a healthy beautiful show ring dog.