If Dog is Allergic to Chicken Can You Still Give Raw Eggs?


  Start your pet on the road to health and longevity by feeding a species appropriate diet of pure raw dog food! 

Does your pet have allergies, digestive issues and are they picky eaters? How about itchy skin or red paws? Understand why no matter how many times you switch up your kibble food – this will never get better!

In today’s episode DeDe and Top Pet Health Expert Nealy Piazza discuss improving skin health and gut health in dogs with food! 

1. Why kibble companies can get away with not listing correct ingredients on their bags.

2. Why dogs may or may not be allergic to chicken – know the difference.

3. Why top pet nutritionist Nealy Piazza recommends extra organs and how much to any raw diet?

4. How and why antibiotics can destroy a good raw diet.

5. How to heal and improve a gut that has been damaged 

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