Zinc Deficiency In Pets Supplement or Feed This Instead

  • Zinc: boosts the immune system and the quality of your dog’s skin and fur
  • Zinc deficiency
    • Fertility issues
    • Bone and joint problems
    • Decreased healing of wounds
  • What to feed? Variety Variety Variety Plus…
  • Organs are literally the multi-vitamins for carnivores – this is where you’ll find most of the vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Add 10% to 15% organ meats into the diet. Try not to use just one organ though. Find as many of the organs as possible and get them into the diet!

On today’s episode:

1. What is a Zinc Deficiency in Pets and What are the Symptoms?

2. Where do you find Zinc in the Raw Diet?

3. Should you use synthetic supplements when treating a Zinc Deficiency?

4. Is Predizone a good option for an appetite stimulant?

Antibiotics are only recommended when a bacterial infection is present. Please have a verifiable test performed before agreeing to give a round of Antibiotics. Do Not Subject your pet to the “Just In Case Treatment” Antibiotics are now harmless to your pets health.