Raw Feeding Facebook Groups The Reason You May NOT Want to Join

There is a very darkside to joining private facebook groups designed to help you become enlightened about certain subjects. My advice “stay away” and I will tell you the exact reasons why. Hear the real negative and lasting consequences felt by good well meaning people who join Facebook groups. If you are thinking about starting your own Facebook group learn the important rules you want to establish up front and center to protect your sanity. Also hear how you can still become an expert espcially in the raw feeding species appropriate diet for animals without getting bullied and put down for your questions, thoughts and beliefs.

If you would like more information about a species appropriate diet for dogs please go to our Feeding Chart and FAQ page at www.RawDogFoodandCo.com

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions are those of the host and guest. Before starting any raw diet do your research, ask lots of questions and consult your vet.