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Certified Pet Health Nutritionist

"You really can’t go wrong with a natural, whole-food, species-appropriate diet – meat, organ bone-based diet for your dog. And remember you can’t possibly go right with a processed, unnatural, grain, or even grain-free based diet.  Regardless of the domestication argument, a dog’s digestive system is still that of a wild canid carnivore.  It will thrive on a raw species-appropriate diet and at best, will just manage to survive on a processed, grain-based, dead diet."
Specializing in pet allergies, repairing skin and gut issues and meal plans.

Raw Feeding Vet

"My recommendation, after several decades of recommending a variety of different diets to my patients, is to feed a fresh, whole food, and ideally raw diet.  Why is this better?  Whole food feeding provides nutrition in the form it was meant to be consumed.  Nutrients from fresh, whole foods are not altered by processing and are in the form that the body will recognize and assimilate properly.  Furthermore, the nutrients in whole foods are meant to be consumed together as they work synergistically in the body.”
Specializing in the gut biome, cancer, allergies, alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and wholistic approaches to vibrant health.

Raw Feeding Chiropractor

Dr. Andi is a CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an animal chiropractor and an internationally acclaimed animal communicator and facilitator

Dr. Andi helps pets feel better by getting the back, hips and joints aligned properly for overall mobility and ease of movement. 

Sometimes licking of the paws can indicate back pain. See Dr. Andi today for an overall health assessment of your pets!

Raw Feeding Vet"

Todd Cooney DVM, MS, CVH (Certified Veterinary Homeopath) trained at Purdue University.  He worked in private mixed practice, served as an officer in the US Air Force and Army, and also  USDA veterinarian.  After 22 years of conventional practice, he took Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, which changed the way he viewed health and disease.  Dr. Cooney began using homeopathy right away, with exciting results.


Dr. Todd Cooney

dr joy moffett

Dr. Joy Hatcher, DVM

Raw Feeding Vet & Chiropractor

Currently living in Bed Rock Colorado working on an 1500 acre ranch with her husband Cody who is a former bull rider and current horse wrangler, trainer and farrier. Together they are raising 2 beautiful girls Charlotte and Clara, 6 dogs, many cats, chicken, pigs, horses and lots of cattle!
"To have a strong immunity in people and pets it requires keeping the body clean and clear of processed foods and toxic chemicals. I’m always excited to introduce my clients to a species-appropriate diet and watch pets transform before my client's very own eyes!"
dana chick

Dana Chick

Raw Feeding Massage Therapist

I am an experienced veterinary technician whose passion lies with our furry friends. During the recovery of my Chihuahua's bilateral luxating patella surgery in 2013, I found my calling. I worked closely with the Orthopedic Surgeon in Oscars' healing process and post surgical care.  He introduced me to devices that naturally promote the body to heal itself and support the overall comfort of our four legged family members. The results were astounding, and I was driven to share them. I have since earned my certification in Therapeutic Canine Massage. A Pawsitive Touch, llc is a holistic pet service providing effective affordable care. 

I am truly honored to be a part of the pet care industry and I look forward to working with you and your pet. 

CEO Raw Dog Food and Company

Through her daily podcast "The Raw Dog Food Truth" DeDe helps pet parents gain a better understanding of ultimate pet health so their dogs live a longer, happier and healthier life. After 23 years of feeding a species appropriate raw diet and working with thousands of dogs with allergies and digestive issues, the RDFCO tagline “Friends Don't Let Friends Feed Kibble” has become a living truth. We are honored to be able to serve pets and pet parents all across the country.

dede murcer moffett

DeDe Murcer Moffett

Didja Dog Ask...Didja Know?

Didja Dog

Dogs do not sniff out pathogenic bacteria like e-Coli, salmonella, or listeria and decide not to eat. Dogs like stinky things like dead animals teaming with maggots and lots of different types of poop.  Dogs do however have a preference for more or less fat, light or dark meats, warmer foods over colder and certain organs over others. If your pup stops eating make sure you are rotating often and try to notice your pup's preferences.