Low Fat Diet For Dogs Can Be Dangerous and Futile Do this Instead

SNAP Out of It! See new achievable possibilities for sliming down your dog in a species appropriate healthy way.


“Many low fat diet blends are 80 percent carbs and 20 percent protein. Some even contain a 90 percent carb-to-10 percent protein ratio. These diets are protein deficient!” – Dr. Karen Becker DVM

Low fat diets in dogs cause the following: Continued weight gain, Flakey skin and nails, dry or dull brittle coat with patchy hair loss and poor muscle tone.

There is a healthier way. Tune into the “Raw Dog Food Truth” and find out how to love your pet lean!

Disclaimer: Opinions and information are strictly based on the experience of 17 plus years of feeding a raw diet for dogs and catsthe of the host and guest host. Information from this podcast are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult your vet or medical professional before starting a raw food diet for dogs or cats.

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