Learn to Communicate with Your Animals to Create A Magical Life

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What if you could tap into more of the magic that actually IS possible with your animals AND allow them to be a part of creating a Magical Holiday Season?  Join Dr. Andi for a very special Online Call, to kick off the holiday festivities and start creating Magical Holidays With Your Animals!

Dr. Andi Harper – (Raw Feeder!)

A CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, certified animal chiropractor and facilitator. She is the owner and operator of a thriving practice, Animal Magic LLC, based in Golden, CO.

With a global animal communication/facilitation  business, Dr. Andi inspires her clients to create magic in their life and with their animals.

Dr. Andi is the creator of Animals Done Different and Energetic Magic With Animals.  Her straightforward facilitation invites the animals and the people they own, into having more ease, communion and creation.

Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Denver, CO. Dr. Andi received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences and her Animal Chiropractic Certification from Options for Animals.

Dr. Andi’s unrelenting search for growth and empowerment led her to Access Consciousness®, where she is a Certified Facilitator.