How Much To Feed?

Feeding Calculators

Use Adult Calculator for dogs over 68 weeks.
Use Puppy Calculator for dogs less than 68 weeks.

Feeding charts are a starting point. Give your dog 2 weeks on the suggested amount then re-evaluate and adjust amounts up or down by looking at pet's body composition. No ribs or hip bones should be showing, but all dogs should maintain a figure eight physique.
Adult chart enter pet's BEST body weight.  Puppy Chart enter puppies current weight.

Adult Feeding Calculator


Puppy Feeding Calculator

Hungry labrador with dog bowl is waiting for feeding.

Complete and Balanced Feeding

Dogs need a variety of proteins to get the maximum health benefits out of raw. Shoot for a minimum of 4-5 proteins like: Beef, Turkey, Duck, Rabbit, Fish, Lamb, Goat, Pork, Chicken and Tripe Blends. Vary your models too like our: 80/10/10 Blends, Veggie Blends and the Higher Bone Organ Blends Called the PMR PLUS Blends.

Check Out Our Raw Feeding Cheat Sheet 

Feeding a Puppy

Puppies need a variety of proteins and blends including ground real bone. Puppies do not need a slow transition. Switch to raw as soon as they are weened from mom.
Want to know how to feed a puppy and what to feed a puppy? More Puppy Information Here

Didja Dog Tips

Didja Dog

Didja Know...
Peanut Butter is not recommended for any dogs. Peanuts are lectins.  Lectins interfere with the proper absorption of vitamins, minerals, and important proteins.
Lectins can cause gut inflammation, which irritates the cells lining the digestive tract causing the cells to open up creating  Leaky Gut. If chronic, low-grade inflammation persists, it can cause chronic organ disease, heart and kidney disease, arthritis, allergies, and even cancer. 

More Pet Health Tips Here

We Never Ever Use:





Denatured Meats

3D (Dying, diseased or down), 4D (dead) meat.




HPP Pasteurization

Heat and high pressure create a dead sterile food void of real vitamin minerals and enzymes your pets gut and immune system needs

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Meet Our Health Team

dede murcer moffett

Helping pet parents give their dogs a longer, happier, healthier life is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. After 20 years of feeding a species-appropriate raw diet and working with thousands of dogs with allergies and digestive issues, the words “Food is Medicine” has literally become a living breathing truth. We are…

- DeDe Murcer Moffett

You really can’t go wrong with a natural, whole-food, species-appropriate diet – meat, organ bone-based diet for your dog. And remember you can’t possibly go right with a processed, unnatural, grain, or even grain-free based diet.  Regardless of the domestication argument, a dog’s digestive system is still that of a wild canid carnivore.  It will…

- Nealy Piazza

dr judy jasek

“My recommendation, after several decades of recommending a variety of different diets to my patients, is to feed a fresh, whole food, and ideally raw diet.  Why is this better?  Whole food feeding provides nutrition in the form it was meant to be consumed.  Nutrients from fresh, whole foods are not altered by processing and…

- Dr. Judy Jasek

dr andy harper

A CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an animal chiropractor and an internationally acclaimed animal communicator and facilitator. Dr. Andi inspires her clients to create magic in their life and with their animals. She is the creator of Animals Done Different and Energetic Magic With Animals.  Her straightforward facilitation invites…

- Dr. Andi Harper

dr joy moffett

Currently practicing in Hutchinson Kansas, living on 30 acres with her husband Cody, 2 beautiful girls Charlotte and Clara, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 steers, and 6 horses! “To have a strong immunity in people and pets it requires keeping the body clean and clear of processed foods and toxic chemicals. I’m always excited to…

- Dr. Joy Moffett

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