Do You Have the Guts to Feed Real Raw Dog Food

DeDe Murcer Moffett Motivational Leadership Speaker, Author and CEO of Raw Dog Food and Company is the host of the Raw Dog Food Truth where “Friends dont’ let friends feed kibble”. Learn more about a real species appropriate diet at

Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM is the Cancer Vet, the Holistic Vet and the Raw Feeding Vet. Dr. Jasek tells it like it is and why prescription diets or any commercial dry insulin causing diet is not the best option for your dogs health and longevity. Dr. Jasek uses alternative methods to combate Cancer and correct the microbiome of pets so they can heal and feel better fast!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions are that of the host and guest. Not intended to replace medical advice. Before starting any diet change, ask lots of questions, do your research and consult your vet.