Raw Dog Food Specializes in Prey Model, Prey Model Plus and BARF Diets for Dogs and Cats

Raw Dog Food Prey Model Raw Dog Food, Cat Food, Pet Food Feeding percentage of meat, organs and bones
As a loving dog owner, one of the most important decisions you make everyday is what to feed your pet. The quality of food you feed will have an immediate and long lasting effect on your 4-legged kiddos overall health and well-being.

Raw Dog Food and Company is locally owned with operations in Denver and the surrounding areas. Our suppliers produce a pure raw cat and dog food with nothing added.  No hormones, no antibiotics, no fillers, preservatives, premixes, supplements, or flavorings.

Our conveniently packaged specialty blends contain only the essential balance of meat, organs, fats and bone and in some blends tripe, veggies or extra bone content for growing puppies.

The raw blends are produced using high-quality premium grass-fed beef, USDA inspected chicken, USDA inspected turkey, venison, wild caught seafood, goat, sheep, lamb, grass-fed green tripe and and a variety of other proteins that are 100% produced from small local farmers through ethical and sustainable practices.

We encourage you to feed at least 3 different proteins but preferably all proteins, blends pieces and parts and varieties as possible. Rotate between our PREY and BARF model diets. Increase organs to 15 -20% from time to time with our stand alone organ mixes.  Don’t forget the sardines, chicken or duck feet, duck heads, duck hearts turkey hearts, or bison testicles.

Want to supplement with the best digestive enzymes, whole food vitamins and probiotics? We’ve got those too! Variety is the key to keeping your pup satisfied and your choice for optimal health!

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  • Never Denatured 3D (dying, diseased or down), 4D (dead) meat
  • Never any charcoal added
  • Never pasteurized either by heat or HPP (High-Pressure Pasteurization)
  • Never any preservatives
  • Never any fillers
  • Never anything synthetic
  • Never any grains
  • Never any premixes
Raw Dog Food Raw Meaty Bones Prey Model Raw Diet and BARF Diet for dogs

We deliver directly to our customers instead of through retail outlets. This keeps the cost down and more owners able to feed raw. Your order will be delivered via our commercial truck equipped with an insulated box and a Thermoking freezer unit to keep the raw dog food frozen during our delivery process. We also offer home delivery and warehouse pick-ups.

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I just opened up my first package of your food !!!!!
It looks great, what a difference from the other raw food , it looks like real meat !!!
I am sure Edie is going to LOVE it.

Patty T, Raw Dog Food Customer