How to Positively Change Your Dogs Behavior By Eliminating One Thing

Before you drop your dog off at the shelter or sentence them to live out their life in the backyard because of bad behavior, learn the “Raw Truth” about what you can do to positively change your dogs behavior in a SNAP!

Kari Solberg is a dog behaviorist and the owner of K-9 State of Mind in Parker, Colorado, a dog training and boarding facility. Kari is also a graduate of Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer) Training Program that helps dog owners restore and maintain balance and harmony in the home.

Kari understands that there are no bad dogs just learned bad behaviors. Kari’s deep understanding of dog psychology and training methods are allowing dog owners to breath a sigh of relief and dogs to take their rightful place in the home pack.

Listen today as Kari talks about the one thing you can do to bring out the best behavior in your dog.

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