Bone Meal, Dust or Real Bone? Plus Pain Meds for Senior Dogs – Nealy & DeDe – Your Pet’s Health is Our Business and Friends Don’t Let Friends Feed Kibble

Listen each week as the experts in pet health DeDe Murcer Moffett, CEO of Raw Dog Food and Company, Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM and Top Pet Nutritionist Nealy Piazza answer your questions about raw feeding, vaccinations, antibiotics, flea and tick and so much more.

On today’s episode:

1.Why we honestly don’t recommend Honest Kitchen with Raw Diets

2. The difference between bone meal, bone dust and real bone – what your pets need to be the healthiest.

3. Pain meds for seniors what are the pros and cons? The best joint supplements we use on our own pets.

Plus why we love our new Green Eggs Supplement for Senior Joint Health!

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