Poop Changes and What They Mean

Raw food diets usually produce small, hard balls of poop that are easily passed and turn white and crumble and blow away in a day or so if you forget to pick them up. This is totally normal.

I’ve had some people go back to feeding kibble, because no one explained that their pet’s poop would radically change on a raw food diet, and that multiple huge piles of stinky poop from dry food diets would be a thing of the past.  On a species appropriate pure raw diet feces will change – and for the better. Raw food poop is entirely different from kibble-fed poop.

Pets need unadulterated, fresh, whole foods that are moisture dense. Not  grains, fillers, preservatives, colors, additives, synthetics, byproducts, or processed foods. Although animals can eat some processed foods, they aren’t designed to consume a lifetime of dry or canned diets. The evidence is a Cancer rate of over 52%.

The best food you can feed your pet is a fresh, pure raw, protein, bone, organ and fat blend that supports your pet’s overall health, well-being, and vitality.