Allergies and the Raw Diet

We recommend Turkey to start? Because many pet parents believe their pets have food allergies (we don’t see these often).

Turkey is one of the least reactive foods on the raw diet. 

If your pet has tested negatively to Turkey simply follow our recommendations below:

What we have seen consistently in our pet customers is once you heal the gut pets should be able to once again eat all proteins!  

We have Turkey PMR PlusTurkey 80/10/10Turkey with Veggies 
And Turkey with Pork All are great!

Allergy test while pets are eating a kibble diet misleads pet parents. Dogs may not react the same once eating a PURE RAW Diet.

  1. Kibble dry diets have denatured proteins. The proteins have been cooked at high temperatures and all live enzymes have been destroyed. The cooked protein is not the same a fresh real animal protein. However an allergy test may indicate your pet is allergic to a certain protein. Allergy test typically pick up whatever the dog has been eating at the time of the test. 

  2. Is It Really a Protein Allergy: We never recommend allergy test while on kibble. Almost all dogs are reacting negatively to the high level of carbs (sugar), synthetic vitamin and minerals, flavorings, and toxic additives not the stated protein. Once a pet switches to a real raw diet,  allergies are greatly reduced or gone for good. 

If you feel your pup has allergies to a certain protein follow these guidelines when switching to a raw diet:

-Pick a couple of proteins that your dog has not tested negatively to 

-Feed these proteins for a minimum of 6 weeks

-Re-Introduce the protein your pet previously tested negatively to. Many dogs are able to add this protein back into their diet with no allergic reactions. 

-Monitor your pet – Food Allergies are immediate and severe (biting and ripping skin)

If your pet appears to be allergic to several proteins – it’s very likely your pet has leaky gut or vaccine damage. We can help and get it healed!

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