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Why Pet Parents Love Raw


I love the variety of proteins available. It really saves me the hassle of searching for different muscle meat, organs and ground bone. The food always arrives frozen in easy to use chubs. My dog is always excited to see what is in his bowl and licks it clean. Love Raw Dog and Company!

- Elaine Scott
Missoula, Montana

Trusted sources and a great way to get variety from the meat proteins. Certainly not any more expensive than buying a high-priced gimmicky kibble

- Andy Taylor
Evans, Colorado

I have always appreciated the great products and selection that RAW Dog Food and Company provides! Their customer service is always helpful, returns calls, and is overall GREAT! Best of all, my 3 dogs have always been happy with what shows up in their bowls!

- Shelly Cunningham
Denver, Colorado

What Our Pet Parents Are Saying

  • Yuki Costelo AvatarYuki Costelo

    positive review  My two have been on the raw diet before, specifically the prey model diet, but today was our first experience... read more

    Christina Nguyen-Newman AvatarChristina Nguyen-Newman

    positive review  High quality dog food and amazing customer service!!! We're so happy we made the switch!

    Louise X Belcher AvatarLouise X Belcher

    I run 2 non profit rescues and have several dogs with allergies. I cannot thank these guys enough for always... read more

    Marie Jackson AvatarMarie Jackson

    positive review  They are the best bunch of people ❤️ and there food for my kids is amazing!!

    Elaine Scott AvatarElaine Scott

    positive review  I love the variety of proteins available. It really saves me the hassle of searching for different muscle meat,... read more

    Shelly Cunningham AvatarShelly Cunningham

    positive review  I have always appreciated the great products and selection that RAW Dog Food and Company provides! Their customer service... read more

    Laken Stratton AvatarLaken Stratton

    positive review  Ok. So it's finally about time a write a review for these guys. First of all, I've looked everywhere, you... read more

    Lynn Williams AvatarLynn Williams

    positive review  I love the variety they have plus they are so personable. The raw food is cheaper and so much better... read more

    L Lynn Williams AvatarL Lynn Williams

    positive review  Only way to feed your beloved pets. Love the packages and friendly service.

  • Ashley Clarke AvatarAshley Clarke

    Just picked up our first order this afternoon after getting so much personalized help! Absolutely amazing customer service. Fed my... read more

    Judy Jaros AvatarJudy Jaros

    positive review  If you have any questios, they take the time to explain everything and give advice about specific issues. Super friendly.... read more

    Jess Berg AvatarJess Berg

    I had previously been feeding homemade raw, giving adored beast supplements and listening to podcasts to better my dogs health... read more

    Bunny  Eisele AvatarBunny Eisele

    positive review  Best raw dog food. Easy to feed and very nice people.

    Rachel Eken AvatarRachel Eken

    positive review  Hands down the best raw food company on the front range! Quality food, excellent resource, friendly and personal customer service.... read more

    Cheryl Worley Martino AvatarCheryl Worley Martino

    positive review  Customer service is awesome, everyone is super friendly. And my dogs love the food!!

    Rhonnie R. McCauley AvatarRhonnie R. McCauley

    positive review  My dogs love their new raw food. They are doing well on this diet. The deliveries are always there and... read more

    Krista Bozlinski Kostycz AvatarKrista Bozlinski Kostycz

    positive review  The best customer service that I've experienced.
    If I could give them 10 stars I would!
    I've been in Customer Service jobs...
    read more

    Mary Hydle AvatarMary Hydle

    positive review  I cannot even put into words how amazing this company is. I have a dog who was non stop sick... read more

  • Pat Feinberg AvatarPat Feinberg

    positive review  Old dog who did not want to eat is now happy. Diagnosis of kidney disease seems to be in abeyance.

    Kari Swaner AvatarKari Swaner

    positive review  Raw Dog Food has been great for my dogs. I have a dachshund that was over weight and couldn't... read more

    Barbara Murcer-Green AvatarBarbara Murcer-Green

    positive review  My dog maintains a perfect weight and he loves the food. He is 12 years old and now acts... read more

    Shawn Wooding AvatarShawn Wooding

    positive review  amazing. delivered right to my door. no complaints here. I will be back for more once my deep freezer comes in!

    Joe Krevinghaus AvatarJoe Krevinghaus

    So glad I found this great resource! Not only are they providing a great product they are doing so at... read more

    Ron Beals AvatarRon Beals

    positive review  Great service. Food conveniently packaged

    Abby Hickman AvatarAbby Hickman

    Raw Dog Food and Company is amazing. Their product is high quality. Their customer service has been nothing but accommodating... read more

    Greg Hastings AvatarGreg Hastings

    positive review  A great product at an affordable price!

    Kate Welch AvatarKate Welch

    positive review  Dede and Rick are absolutely wonderful and so friendly. They were very informative and helpful with our food choices for... read more

  • Debbie Pederson Cook AvatarDebbie Pederson Cook

    positive review  Awesome service and selection. I LOVE that they don't use charcoal in the food. I also appreciate the... read more

    Sean Thomas AvatarSean Thomas

    positive review  great product at an affordable price point. my dogs love it and I swear by it.

    Dawn Gonzales AvatarDawn Gonzales

    This company is amazing. We put our dogs on raw food because one has food allergies and one is... read more

    Nick Moffett AvatarNick Moffett

    positive review  Great food and my dog loves all the different blends.

    Melanie Meador Harris AvatarMelanie Meador Harris

    positive review  Great service and delivery!

    Amanda Pevoteaux AvatarAmanda Pevoteaux

    positive review  Customer service is amazing! They are so helpful in answering any questions regarding diet and tips on transitioning to a... read more

    Liz Conour AvatarLiz Conour

    positive review  I can not say enough wonderful things about you guys!!! I totally messed up my ordering and would have been... read more

    Rachael Carnes AvatarRachael Carnes

    positive review  Amazing raw dog food!! My girl goes nuts for her dinner every night; she enjoys it so much more than... read more

    Sarah PorterGraham AvatarSarah PorterGraham

    positive review  After feeding HPP S&C Frozen Raw for about a decade, 30 days ago we switched to true Raw. I feel... read more

  • Elayne Cotton AvatarElayne Cotton

    positive review  #great service
    #friendly folks all around
    #high quality food and treats

    Almas FryBread Tacos AvatarAlmas FryBread Tacos

    Amazing and fast delivery. Very thankful to have this place locally. I made 2 separate orders and they credited... read more

    Sharon Viera-Crespo AvatarSharon Viera-Crespo

    positive review  More than the food, it's Dede and Rick. Love you guys and what you do!

    Michael A. Martin AvatarMichael A. Martin

    positive review  the best food and owners.

    Samantha Zimmer AvatarSamantha Zimmer

    positive review  I would give them 5 stars alone just based on their customer service! I became a new customer at the... read more

    Ginger Young AvatarGinger Young

    positive review  I would love to recommend it to my clients! I own a pet care business that services Lowry, Stapleton, and... read more

    Stout Curtis AvatarStout Curtis

    positive review  What a great company with high quality products and the friendliest staff you'll find anywhere. I've been buying from... read more

    Shelley McDonald AvatarShelley McDonald

    positive review  Dogs love this food and thrive on it

    Phyllis Vinchattle AvatarPhyllis Vinchattle

    positive review  I trust the food because I trust the people. DeDe and Rick are very knowledgeable on raw feeding and love... read more

  • Shawna Lee Wells AvatarShawna Lee Wells

    positive review  BEST BEST BEST customer service and products. So refreshing to have such amazing personal attention from Rick and DeDe EVERY... read more

    Deborah LF AvatarDeborah LF

    positive review  I have been purchasing raw food for my girl Sadie for the last ten years. We've gone through 7+ sellers... read more

    Cynthia Bain AvatarCynthia Bain

    positive review  The product seems to be of high quality and always comes in great shape. It is far less expensive than... read more

    Stephanie Gountanis AvatarStephanie Gountanis

    positive review  Get educated! You will see an immediate difference in your pet.

    Teresa Knight Trimberger AvatarTeresa Knight Trimberger

    positive review  I’ve never bought from Raw Dog Food and Company before but just knowing the owners I know they will only... read more

    Carly Bland AvatarCarly Bland

    At first, I was skeptical. It seemed crazy to me to get such great prices on such great food, and... read more

    Shannon Hammerlund St Antoine AvatarShannon Hammerlund St Antoine

    positive review  Got my first order this week, DeDe was get and very helpful when I picked it up. Enzo my picky... read more

    Jeanne Rylatt-Klein AvatarJeanne Rylatt-Klein

    positive review  "Hottie" and "Miss Kitty" love their food! There is a wonderful variety, too! 5 Stars!
    Customer service is excellent!...
    read more

    Tonya Stanton AvatarTonya Stanton

    Prior to submitting my own order, I've been able to try the beef blend out for 2 wks with my... read more

  • Katka Cviklová AvatarKatka Cviklová

    positive review  Great service, great food!

    Becky Lahmann AvatarBecky Lahmann

    positive review  Thanks for all the advice! I'm so excited to get my dogs started, I know they will love it. I... read more

    Kristin Cacciavillani-Becker AvatarKristin Cacciavillani-Becker

    I got my first order last night and today was the first time ever that my Boxer cleaned his bowl... read more

    James H. Kelley II AvatarJames H. Kelley II

    positive review  Very healthy option for your dogs. My Rottie loves this stuff, and has been super healthy because of this.

    Madison Tipton AvatarMadison Tipton

    positive review  Excellent quality food, large selection, and super affordable prices. My dogs and I LOVE RDF&C!!!

    Mary NBen Chilcutt AvatarMary NBen Chilcutt

    positive review  Great service and pricing for getting fresh frozen complete diet with meat, organs, offal, and ground bones for your raw... read more

    Andy Taylor AvatarAndy Taylor

    positive review  Trusted sources and a great way to get variety from the meat proteins. Certainly not any more expensive than buying... read more

    Holly Samano AvatarHolly Samano

    positive review  Ruger just ate his first meal from you guys! I got him the wolf run and he LOVED it. Hopefully... read more