My Dog Stopped Drinking As Much Water

Raw food is 70 -80% moisture rich! All the moisture needed to digest raw food is contained in a raw diet.

Cooked food and dry kibble have very little moisture content and require your pet to drink and drink and drink water in order to digest those hard dry kibble and bits.

Much research into raw diets show that the moisture content of a raw food diet has a positive effect on maintaining healthy kidneys and bladder in our pets. This is especially true for cats, who are prone to kidney problems such as feline urilogical syndrome due to eating a dry food/kibble diet.

Listen to What to Feed a Dog with Kidney Disease on The Raw Dog Food Truth Podcast

It’s all to common to hear a vet tell someone their pet is dehydrated but all you see is your dog or cat constantly drinking water. Drinking water from the bowl does not necessarily mean your dog or cat is not or cannot be dehydrated. But once your dog or cat begins to get its moisture content from the primordial diet it is eating, the chances of your pet getting dehydrated or coming down with kidney disease is greatly diminished.