Dog Refuses Raw Food

It happens from time to time. Especially with older dogs who have only ever known kibble their entire lives. Some don’t like the texture of raw after their hard kibbles. But don’t fear there are many options:

1. Dogs like foods that stink! We suggest transitioning your dog with only Green Tripe for the first week. But get ready cause it has been described to smell rancid, rank and rotten. But here is why it’s so good for your dog.

2. WARM it very lightly in the pan, not enough to cook it, just enough to give it a juicy smell and texture.  We do this on a daily basis for our German Shepard. Slightly warmed food aids in the digestion process.

3. Use a different bowl, feed at a different time and in a different place than where you have been feeding kibble meals. This way they don’t associate their new raw food with the former kibble high carb food.

4. Tough love although unpopular with owners, (don’t do this with a cat) a dog will not starve itself, it will eat what is given eventually.

Dogs that refuse raw are usually objecting to the texture and strange smell. Give it time. Experimentation is the key. Change your protein until you find something that lights your pet up!  We have many blends and proteins to choose from.