Picky Eaters

Picky eaters can frustrate even the most patient pet parents. So take your time and purchase different proteins to see what lights your pup up!

Feeding Tip: The stinkier the better. Dogs primarily use their sniffers not their pallets to make eating decisions.Purchase any blend with Tripe or purchase straight green tripe and add to blends that don’t contain tripe.

Note you can feed our tripe as a meal all by itself a couple of times a week.

Other reasons for picky eaters:
1. Pet parents are nervous about dogs eating habits and the dog picks up on the owners anxiety. Understand your dog can go 48 hours without eating and be fine. Many owners fast their dogs at least once a week for 24 hours to promote longevity and gut health.

2. When starting a raw diet your dog may not know what do to with the new food. Try this. Change the bowl, change the place and change the time of feeding. Believe it or not this very often will SNAP them right out of it.

3. Parents expecting too much too fast. Don’t give up if they don’t devour the food right away. Give them time and experiment with different proteins.

Remember if your dog has been on a dry dog food for a long time, chances are he/she may be addicted to the sprayed on sugars, salts and other flavor enhancers. Yes I would love to eat donuts and ice cream all day, and I may live but I seriously doubt I would be healthy!