CBD as an Alternative to Apoquel for Your Itchy Dog

CBD as an Alternative to Apoquel for Your Itchy Dog

In the quest for our pets’ well-being, understanding the alternatives to conventional medications becomes crucial. Today, we delve into the realm of CBD for dogs, exploring its potential benefits and comparing it to a common pharmaceutical solution, Apoquel.

It’s a familiar scenario – your beloved canine companion constantly scratching and itching. Many pet owners find themselves on a path where Apoquel, a fast-acting pharmaceutical, becomes the go-to solution. However, there’s a growing concern about its long-term effects, often leading to more significant health issues, including cancer.

The primary cause of numerous canine allergies often originates from their diet. Here’s a suggestion to transition to a raw, just a fresh food diet. This dietary adjustment seeks to tackle the fundamental issues contributing to allergies before considering medications such as Apoquel.

Apoquel, designed to mute allergic symptoms by suppressing the immune system, raises concerns about long-term consequences. By inhibiting compounds like Janus Kinase (JAK), crucial for immune function, Apoquel weakens the overall immune defense. This could leave dogs vulnerable to diseases and infections they might have naturally avoided.



Always a fan favorite, Bovine Colostrum is a very popular product around allergy season as it can help relieve allergy symptoms and autoimmune diseases.

A more concerning territory, the potential side effects of Apoquel range from urinary tract infections to bacterial ear canal infections, skin issues, and gastrointestinal distress, the impact on a dog’s well-being is disquieting. The added risk of cancerous growth adds another layer of complexity to the decision of whether to utilize Apoquel.

Derived from full-spectrum hemp extract, CBD seeks to reinstate the body’s equilibrium or homeostasis. In contrast to Apoquel, CBD goes beyond just alleviating symptoms; it actively tackles the underlying causes of itching and discomfort.

As responsible pet owners, the choice between traditional medications and natural alternatives like CBD becomes pivotal. To alleviate your dog’s itchiness, opting for a more natural solution like CBD may offer a promising path toward long-term well-being.

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