Breaking Up with Pumpkin- A Raw Perspective on Dog Health

Breaking Up with Pumpkin: A Raw Perspective on Dog Health

In the world of pet care, there’s one topic that seems to linger like an unwelcome guest at a party – pumpkin. Dr. Andi, a seasoned pet chiropractor, recently addressed the pumpkin predicament, urging pet owners to reconsider their reliance on this orange squash. So, let’s dive into the issues surrounding pumpkin and why it’s time to break up with this canine culinary companion.

For many dog owners, pumpkin has become the go-to solution for pooping problems and anal gland issues. Dr. Andi emphasizes the importance of understanding why dogs are fed pumpkin in the first place. Whether it’s a historical remedy or an attempt to address gastrointestinal discomfort, the reasons are diverse. Even raw-fed dogs aren’t exempt, as some owners continue the pumpkin tradition from their kibble-feeding days.

Dr. Andi’s approach to pet health is refreshingly straightforward – start with the food. For raw feeders, manipulating the diet with organs and bones can naturally regulate bowel movements, eliminating the need for pumpkin. The key lies in understanding that the body’s adjustment to a raw diet may result in smaller, harder stools, requiring patience from pet parents.

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Dr. Andi attributes the seasonal nature of anal gland issues to increased inflammation during certain times of the year. Rather than immediately resorting to pumpkin or sweet potatoes, she advises observing the situation and intervening only when necessary.

A unique aspect of Dr. Andi’s approach is her reluctance to micromanage her pets’ bodily functions. Instead of routine manual expressions of anal glands, she allows her dog to handle occasional discomfort, supplemented by essential oils that target the source of the issue.

Beyond the practicalities, Dr. Andi addresses the sweet but problematic allure of pumpkin. Not only does it introduce unnecessary sugars into a dog’s diet, contributing to insulin spikes and chronic issues, but it can also create a taste addiction. Dr. Andi offers alternative solutions, such as adjusting organs in blends or incorporating tripe meals, providing a healthier and more sustainable path to optimal pet health.

The pumpkin craze may be more of a hindrance than a help. Dr. Andi advocates for a holistic approach, emphasizing a balanced raw diet and observing the body’s natural adjustments. It’s time for pet owners to reconsider their relationship with pumpkin and explore healthier alternatives for their furry friends.

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