Rotational Diet Menu/Suggestions

It's Variety Variety Variety!

What does a Rotational Diet look like?
It's certainly feeding more than just one protein for weeks and weeks and weeks. All animals and humans need variety for a complete and balanced diet.

How do you do it? You can feed one protein each week or a different protein each day or even each meal.
Here are some options from our top Pet Nutritionist Nealy Piazza.
Don't stress. Pretty soon you will get the hang of it and be experimenting on your own!

Top Nutritionist Nealy Piazza Suggest at a minimum feed:
(2) Red Meats (Beef & Rabbit), 1 Poultry (Duck, Turkey, Chicken) & one Fish Sardines

Option (1)
Rabbit & Tripe (red meat)
(Pick 1) Beef Blend, Beef PMR, Beef HVM or a Wolf Run Plus (red meat)
Duck PMR or Duck HVM  Chicken HVM or Chicken PMR or Chicken Blend
Sardines or Mackerel (fish)

Optional (2)
4 Proteins and a Whole Food Supplement for Dogs Who Don't Like Whole REAL Fish
Might Look Like This:
Pork Blend
Turkey  Blend
All Star Bully Blend
Lamb Blend
Beef Blend
Plus - Sea Safe Green Lipped Mussel Oil (supplements section)

The options are really endless. Just remember variety variety variety.
What else can you add throughout the month?

Eggs - Whole Organic
Packed with Vitamin E - Organic egg 4 a week is enough - Just put over food!
You can give the shell but some dogs aren't fans. Also don't give the white non organic shells.

Extra Organs and Pieces
Grab any of our 1 lb organ blends - add 10% to your pets meal
Raw Bison Fries (Testicles)
Or if testicles freak you out try the Freeze Dried Organs Guts & Glory

Raw Duck Feet 
How many depends on your dogs poop! Too hard - cut back.
Great source of glucosamine and chondroitin also Chicken Feet

No beans or legumes. No high glycemic veggies like potatoes or carrots.
But we love cucumbers maybe a little broccoli or try  Freeze Dried Green Rover

Fresh Organic Blueberries
or try our Freeze Dried Red Rover

Consumable Bones
Typically the softer bones like Beef Bones TurkeyChickenDuck .

Recreational Bones
Bison are the hardest of all bones and typically not consumed but purchased for gnawing, ripping shredding and tearing mental stimulation. Example: Bison NeckShank, and Marrow bones.

All our treats are single source, air dried, no preservatives, no shelf life stabilizers, no added ingredients! Keep in the refrigerator.