The Myth of Complete and Balanced

The biggest question we get is “Is this a complete and balanced food?”

What is Complete and Balanced? This term has been used even when commercial cat and dog foods carry cancer causing aflatoxins, toxic loads of Vitamin D and other dangerous chemicals that hurt our pets.

What is a complete and balanced diet for humans? Do you keep a spreadsheet on what you eat? How would you know if you needed to add something more or different to your diet?

Variety variety variety is the key to human and pet healthy diets!

What makes a diet unbalanced?  Feeding an all/mostly meat diet, or feeding only a single protein source, never feeding extras, or leaving organs or bone out of the diet.

Easy steps for balanced raw feeding:

1.Offer a mix of MEAT, BONES, ORGANS & TRIPE from a VARIETY of animal protein sources.

2. Feed BARF, PMR and Prey Model  Blends. Rotate Rotate Rotate.

3. Rotate in different things like our bison testiclesduck headswhole rabbit with furduck feetwhole chunks of lamb or beef tripeturkey heartsduck hearts or bison hearts.

4. Give green leafy veggies like broccoli, lettuce, kale, spinach.

5. Give some blue berries or organic apples from time to time.

6. Add in probiotics, digestive enzymes and a whole food supplement.

The nutrient composition of the prey will also change with the seasons. As a rule of thumb, we recommend feeding from at least four different prey species over a months time. See our variety boxes to make this simple.

Wild populations of cats and dogs eat meat, bones, organs, and often tripe too.

Check out our WHOLE FOOD supplements like Phytoplankton or Sea Safe Green Mussel Lipid Oil

They do not just eat meat. Feeding an all-meat diet will cause mineral deficiencies, and is dangerous to your pet’s health!

Wild cats and dogs are able to produce strong gastric acid to help them digest their raw diet, and to deal with any pathogens that may be on their food. The production of strong acidity is dependent on the level of protein in the diet.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not dilute the protein content of the raw diet by adding in processed can or kibble food (which is high in carbohydrate). Feed EITHER a raw diet OR a processed diet, but not both.