Why Raw is Best?

Here are just a few of the facts…

  • Commercial kibble is full of mycotoxins – toxic substances produced by fungus that can cause everything from allergies to digestive upset to cancer.
  • Kibble can also include lot of plant based protein which is not as beneficial for your dog.
  • Most kibbles contain between 25% and 45% carbohydrates, which dogs have no nutritional need for.
  • In order to meet the standards of AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials), kibble manufacturers also have to add synthetic vitamins and minerals because of nutrients that are lost when the food is cooked at high temperatures.

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  • Kibble is dead food so it’s missing those essential enzymes your dog needs for a healthy gut.
  • Raw feeding is not only better for your dog’s digestive and immune system, it’s also great for healthy teeth, skin and coat.

Your dog relies on you for a lot. If you want to give him the best chance at a healthy life, raw is the way to go. Fresh, whole foods can provide your dog with everything he needs to be healthy.