What is the problem with the science with Brian

According to Brian, RDFCO raw squad member,  the current problem with science is that questioning it is often met with accusations of being a conspiracy theorist or science denier. In the past, the basis of science was to question everything, but now only those with certain credentials are allowed to question the status quo. However, there should be no shame in not accepting the current norms, especially if the necessary information is not readily available.I agree with Brian on this matter.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil (Safe-Sea)

For Dogs Only.
Safe-Sea is a premium product that kicks fish oil to the curb. It offers a wide range of important fatty acids, not just one or two, and all from natural, sustainable sources.

As a pet parent, I encourage others to ask their vets a simple question: does vaccinating an inflamed pet help or worsen inflammation in the body? This is a crucial inquiry that should be addressed and discussed openly. Listen in as Dr. Jasek and DeDe delve deeper into this topic on another upcoming podcast.