Vomiting & Diarrhea

Gut Soothe is a Great Supplement for Digestive Upset

Stay Calm! Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Tunnel Vision About the Cause One of the biggest reasons pet parents start to worry is when starting the raw diet is when they see their pets vomit or produce loose stools. Don’t panic. It’s doubtful the food is “a bad batch”. Unless you have left it in the hot sun, out on the counter to thaw or have violated food safety handling procedures. It’s simply their system adjusting to raw food or a possible reaction to medications, antibiotics, over supplementing, stress, eating deer or elk poop, unhealthy treats, dairy or a whole host of things you may not have considered.

Is it the Antibiotic or the Issue the Antibiotic is Treating?

Basically, nausea is a common side effect for antibiotics….humans and animals alike…..usually feeding WITH a meal helps.
Sometimes, the dog isn’t vomiting BECAUSE of the antibiotic, but because of the issue it’s treating (say, pyometra)
Please understand that these drugs kill ALL bacteria (even the good ones!) and this imbalance is stressful to the entire gastrointestinal system. Drugs can throw off the Ph in the stomach as well. Good PH is the foundation of health.
Options if the vomiting is consistent while on Antibiotics or Medications
Adding a SMALL amount of a carbohydrate to the meal can “buffer” the drug – cooked sweet potatoes or kale.
Consult with vet about potentially changing antibiotics.
Use a high fat “carrier” such as organic ghee butter or coconut oil to administer the medication. Also experiment with administering the medication a half hour to an hour BEFORE meals or AFTER meals if it’s not being tolerated WITH meals.

When to Call Your Vet

1. If pets fever goes over 102.5 call your vet.
How to check: Use anal thermometer.
2. If pet becomes dehydrated.
How to check: pull skin out from behind the front leg by the ribs. Skin should bounce back. If skin stays in the pinched position he/she my be dehydrated.
3. If your pet has low blood pressure.
How to check: press on gums right above the canines. Gums will turn white on pressure and return to pink when you stop pressing. If gums don’t return to pink, call your vet.
4. If your pet becomes lethargic or disorinented please see your vet right away. When dogs are fed a high carbohydrate diet (which all kibble is, yes even premium kibble) then the digestive enzymes needed to break down the protein, turn off. The enzymes need time to turn back on. This process typically takes between 4-7 days.

Here are 3 possible causes and  solutions for vomiting and or diarrhea when starting to feed a raw diet:

#1 Dogs that have been fed kibble for many years, may have less stomach acid due to the high carbohydrates in kibble. Kibble does not require as much acidity to be digested. Solution: Try feeding smaller amounts, more often, while they adjust. Also purchase our veterinary grade digestive enzyme and add to their food to support their gut and the digestive process.

#2 Too much food at one time and over excitement about new food Solution: feed smaller amounts over more meals. With larger cuts of beef or bones hand feed so that they gnaw on it while you hold the other end until they relax and understand this is their new food now. Just because a dog wants more food doesn’t mean they need more food. Pet parents must be responsible owners and be mindful of how much your dog should weigh and then feed accordingly.

#3 Too many supplements or additives thrown into the diet.
More is not always better. Solution: Keep it simple and only supplement for issues that actually present themselves. For example if your dog has been on raw for at least 3 months and his coat is dull and dry, more than likely your dog needs omega 3’s like sardines or tripe or a digestive enzyme to help them utilize fat and proteins better. But unless your dog is showing signs of being deficient in a certain area be cautious about throwing in the kitchen sink with each meal!

If you need a pet nutritionist and coach contact Nealy Piazza today! She will help you with meal plans, detoxing and supplements.