Raw Feeding – Adult Dog

Just starting your raw feeding journey? It’s super easy – really!

Your biggest decision has already been made. You’ve decided to take your dog off a highly processed, dead, insulin spiking, synthetic vitamin and minerals, gut damaging dry kibble food.  “Friends Don’t Let Friends Feed Kibble.”

Not sure how much to feed? Got to our easy feeding calculators.

A nutritionally sound raw diet will have various levels of organ and bone. All of our blends have slightly different combinations but all are nutritionally complete.

Where should you start? It doesn’t really matter, just start! Choose from  80.10.10 Original Blends, PMR Plus Blends with 15% organ or Healthy Variety Mixes (HVM) with 7% Fruits and Veggies, or Green Tripe Blends  You can also make any non tripe blend into a tripe blend with our stand alone Green Tripe!

Worried about Bacteria or Pathogens or Have a Vet Who Doesn't Like Raw?
Feed the 80.10.10 Blends!

80.10.10 Blends are cold water processed removing any worrisome bacteria like e-coli, listeria and salmonella.

Are we worried about bacteria. No. But now there is something for everyone!

What about certain allergies? 

If you have had an allergy test (most are only 10% accurate) while on kibble your pup may not really be allergic to so called animal protein. But to put your mind at ease start your pup on a protein that the test said he wasn’t sensitive to.

Here’s a Clue: If your pup tested for more than 19 different allergens, more than likely they have leaky gut (fix leaky gut). The best things you can do for leaky gut is get them off processed foods.  Add some great probiotics and see a healthy pup in a SNAP!

How much food should you purchase? 

It really depends on how much your pet eats and how much you can store. We suggest purchasing at least 2 weeks worth of food at a time.

How often should you rotate proteins and models like PMR and HVM?

Rotate as often as you and your pup wants; every day, every week or every meal. But don’t stay on one protein longer than 4 weeks. You need at least 3 different proteins in your pups diet. Remember oily fish like Sardines, herring, mackerel etc are a complete protein and are full of Vitamin D and Omega 3’s.

How long will it take my dog to adjust? 

All dogs are different. If your pup has loose stools that’s fine. Getting all that crap (literally) out of their system is good. If your pup has loose stools for more than 7 days give us a call.

Vomit – if they regurgitate the food – let them eat it. You might slightly warm on the stove – no microwave- temperature sometimes causes regurgitation. Also note when your dog is just starting out on the raw diet Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM and Holistic Vet states there is a major metabolic shift. Give it some time, at least 7 days for the transition. You will see amazing results!

My dog is constipated!

Most of the time dogs are not constipated they just don’t have all the fillers to poop out. Their poops will be slightly harder (good to express anal glands) and about a 1/3rd of the amount and size it use to be. But you can add another 5-10% organs or green tripe to help soften the poops.

My dog isn’t drinking as much water!
That is true. When your pup was eating a dry kibble diet he was in a constant state of dehydration. On the raw diet its 70-75% moisture, which is great for their internal organs especially liver and kidneys.

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