Can I Mix Kibble & Raw

Read This Article Kibble Vs. Raw By Dr. Judy Jasek

All kibble even premium kibble is is not optimal for promoting adequate stomach acidity.  Dogs and cats should not be fed a combination of processed and raw diets. If they are fed a combination, they can experience a range of problems:

  • They may struggle to properly digest their foods.
  • They may become constipated with undigested bone spicules impacted in the rectum (a very painful situation).
  • Raw meaty bones can sit for long periods in the stomach, which may lead to vomiting bone, or worse still, an obstruction.
  • They may experience a gastro-intestinal upset when the bacterial load of the ingested food runs riot in the alkaline stomach environment. Gastric acidity is needed to sterilise ingested pathogens. Processed pet foods are often contaminated with salmonella and mycotoxins – the gastric acidity is a first line of defence, so dogs and cats with reduced acidity are vulnerable.

When one feeds a mixture of raw and kibble, the stomach acid can never reach that very acidic level that could kill the bacteria. Instead the body is still in a depressed state actually making them more susceptible to illness and disease. Furthermore, because the commercial kibble contains inappropriate ingredients that do not digest as well and takes more effort for the body, digestion rates differ between raw and kibble. Kibble can slow the elimination of waste as well as cause digestive upsetting which can include vomiting and diarrhea.

 DO NOT MIX RAW AND KIBBLE.  Transitioning to raw can be quite easy and cost effective. Not only that but even if your companion has been on kibble it’s whole life it only takes 7-10 days for their stomach acid to reach a level that is normal for a carnivore. AMAZING!