Think Before Giving Antibiotics & Vaccines

By Certified Pet Nutritionist Nealy Piazza

Before you agree to antibiotics and medications for your pup has your vet given you the full list of pro’s and cons? This is called Informed Consent.

Are you thinking about giving your dog antibiotics? Well think again. Then think a third time, and ultimately decide NOT to do it. Antibiotics are widely overused, misused, and much more dangerous than your doctor or veterinarian would have you believe.

There is almost always a more natural way to cure what’s ailing your dog, be it with homeopathy, traditional chinese medicine or any number of other holistic practices. There are also several natural antibiotics that you can use such as olive leaf, oil of oregano, even honey in some instances. These are much less damaging to your dog’s system.

The most immediate problem with using antibiotics is that they are not selective in the bacteria they target. They go on a killing spree to the bad guys and the good guys. This will leave your dog’s gut open to attack and proliferation from pathogenic bacteria and yeast. The microbiome will never be the same even after just one course of antibiotics. Remember, at least 80% of your dog’s immune system is in the gut and the gut flora. When that is damaged, there are all kinds of nasty things that can happen. First off, you will probably get diarrhea and/or vomiting because of the gastric disturbance. Then later you will have a much higher susceptibility to other diseases, yeasty ears, chronic inflammation, leaky gut, runny eyes, lethargy, hot spots and I could go on and on. How it manifests in your dog will likely depend on his individual weaknesses.

Don’t be guilted or scared by your vet into giving these, or any other drug for that matter, without doing your own research and being completely sure that you are comfortable with the risks. Your dog is counting on you to make the right decision for him.

If you have given antibiotics you can lessen the negative effects with Anti-Vaccinosis.

If your dog is on the raw diet and is taking medications or antibiotics they may stop eating due to nausea and they may vomit.

If you have given antibiotics you can lessen the negative effects with Anti-Vaccinosis.

Experiment with administering the medication a half hour to an hour BEFORE meals or AFTER meals if it’s not being tolerated WITH meals.

Give a probiotic while on medications but give the probiotic 1-2 hours before administering their medications.