A Review of Hill’s Prescription Diet

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Feed Kibble is our mantra. It’s not just a saying there is much evidence behind the slogan. 

If you have a pet with allergies, IBD, IBS, Chronic Inflammation, Digestive Issues or Diabetes and even Cancer – A Pure Raw Diet may be right for your pet. With 1000’s of pet parents choosing to dump the kibble in the trash everyday and switch to a species appropriate diet the results are astounding.

If you have already switched to raw but find it to be too expensive, let us compare our wholesale prices to your current prices. We save our pet parents almost half their current pet food store prices. Contact us today!

Show Host DeDe Murcer Moffett – CEO of Raw Dog Food and Company – Certified Pet Nutritionist – Raw Feeder of 20 Years – Author of 2 Books – Recording Artist & Motivational Leadership Speaker for Fortune 500 Companies.

Co- Host Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM – 35 Years of Veterinarian Service – Raw Feeder – Specializing in Rebalancing the Gut Biome, Treating Cancer Pets, Helping Pet Parents Understand the Vaccine, Medication Relationship with Gut Health. 

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