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Raw Dog Food and Company

Raw Dog Food and Company, LLC is a distributor for only the freshest and purest raw dog food available. Our products have no preservatives, no filler, no high pressure pasteurization, no premixes and no additives. We never purchase, process or sell 3D or 4D meats.

Our Mission

To help make dogs and cats happy and healthier by providing a fresh all raw species appropriate diet that’s affordable for their humans.

Who We Are

Rick Moffett is the owner of Raw Dog Food and Company and a retired corporate executive for J.P. Morgan, working in the financial industry for over 40 years. He is a champion of healthy living, climbing 14’ers, skiing and taking daily short hiking trips in the beautiful mountains of Evergreen, Colorado!  He is also passionate about helping animals live their best and healthiest life through Raw Dog Food and Company’s line up of whole foods.  Rick continually researches the benefits of raw feeding while sourcing only top products at the best prices to support a continually growing group of  food conscious pet parents. Rick works with suppliers all across the country to ensure Raw Dog Food and Company clients always have the healthiest options at the most affordable prices for their 4-legged kiddos.

DeDe Murcer Moffett  Co-owner of Raw Dog Food and Company and wife of Rick Moffett, is a Certified Pet and Raw Dog Food Nutritionist and a veteran raw feeder of over 17 years. DeDe host“The Raw Dog Food Truth” Podcast, and is a two time Best Selling Leadership Author, Vocal Recording Artist, and Corporate Motivational Leadership Speaker for Fortune 500 and organizations all across the country. DeDe is also the niece of the late great New York Yankee baseball player and award winning Yankee network sports announcer, Bobby Murcer. That’s why you will most often find DeDe and Rick sporting New York Yankee baseball hats!

Our daughter, Dr. Joy Moffett DVM is a graduate of MU College of Veterinary Medicine. She currently resides in Moab Utah were she spends her days and many nights improving the lives of people and pets at Moab Veterinary Clinic. Amanda is committed to learning and exploring outside of the box process and procedures of veterinarian health.  Both of her dogs “Quora” the St. Bernard and Bruce her Doberman Pinscher enjoy the health benefits of the raw diet.

Nick our son, a Mortgage Loan Office in Winter Park is committed to healthy eating and living. Nick enjoys hiking, biking and skiing at least 100 days a year. Our grand-dog “Joey” is a 9-year old American Dingo who has been enjoying the raw diet since he was rescued by Nick when he was just a few months old.

How It All Started

It started back in 2001 when a neighbor of DeDe’s had a 5 -year old Yellow Lab named Trevor who was literally on deaths door. The vet gave Tom, Trevor’s dad very little hope and told him to prepare for Trevor’s end. By sheer accident (or divine intervention) Tom came across an online forum where dog owners were talking about the miracles they were seeing after starting their dogs on an all raw species appropriate diet. The more Tom researched what was in his dogs premium (and expensive) kibble, the more he was convinced he had to give raw a chance.

As you might expect, Trevor made a full recovery! And the vet’s response? Well let’s just say he wasn’t convinced the raw diet was responsible for Trevor’s new found health. But Tom was! And he began telling everyone about the benefits of a raw diet for dogs.

At the same time DeDe had a 2-year old Dachshund named “Doc”. Doc didn’t have any health problems, but after seeng Trevor’s incredible transformation,  DeDe wasn’t taking any chances with Doc’s health. Out went the kibble and in came the raw stuff!  The result? Doc lived a happy healthy life until the ripe old age of 17. We honor Doc’s memory and his unconditional love through the work we do at Raw Dog Food and Company.

That’s WHY we do, WHAT we do at Raw Dog Food and Company!  Please start here to learn how you can help your dog or cat live their best life yet!


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Confidence In Where Your Pet Food Comes From

To produce a high-quality, small batch, handcrafted gourmet raw dog food blend it takes experience. Our suppliers draw from their years of operating a small family owned meat processing business which began in 1992. In 2009 and after much research and consulting with high level dog breeders and experts in pet nutrition, the highly anticipated Raw Pet Food division was born.

All raw pet food products are handcrafted and produced fresh in small batch orders. Careful consideration continually goes into providing a high-quality pet food that’s never pasteurized or processed by HPP (high-pressure pasteurization).

The raw gourmet prey model blends contain the essential balance of meat, organs, fats and bone. Never high heat pasteurized or processed by HPP (high-pressure pasteurization).

Beef products and blends are from premium pastured, grass-fed and grass finished beef.  We pride ourselves on only providing the best raw dog food by using the whole cow including your favorite cuts. Not the rendered scraps many raw pet food companies skimp on.

Chicken products and blends are from USDA Inspected chickens, raised in an open environment eating a 100% vegetarian diet. Never ever fed antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Many are organic egg layers eating a 100% Non-GMO, organic diet.

Duck products are raised under a strict Duck Stewardship Program

  • Ducks are raised in quiet, spacious barns where they have room to roam about and have access to fresh water and feed.
  • Duck barns protect the birds from extreme weather conditions, predators and disease, but allow the fresh air needed to keep the ducks healthy.
  • Non-GMO feed
  • Non-antibiotic feed
  • No Growth hormones (not allowed in poultry production)
  • No RUPPs (Restricted Use Protein Products) like meat and bone meal.
  • A staff poultry nutritionist formulates a balanced diet for the ducks from corn, soy, wheat and other essential nutrients.
  • Duck feeds do not contain any antibiotics, growth hormones, or RUPPs (Restricted Use Protein Products) like meat and bone meal.
  • The feed mill holds valid certifications under the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, which helps assure feed and food safety.
  • Product of USA

Seafood products are from USDA Inspected, USA origin, wild caught and packaged in the USA. 

Other Blends and Products include USDA inspected turkey, wild boar, venison, goat, sheep, lamb and a variety of other proteins.

You will never find any fillers, grains, potato’s, carbohydrates, artificial or synthetic ingredients in our raw pet food.

Here are a few other facts about about Raw Dog Food and Company’s Pet Food
“Never Ever” Raw Dog blends:

  • Never Denatured 3D (dying, diseased or down), 4D (dead) meat
  • Never any charcoal added
  • Never pasteurized either heat or HPP (High-Pressure Pasteurization)
  • Never any preservatives
  • Never any fillers
  • Never anything synthetic
  • Never any grains
  • New any potatoes/starches


YES You Can Afford to Feed Raw

We come to you direct! We deliver our customized raw dog food to the Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas and Missouri areas.

You Won’t Find Us Retail Stores

We deliver directly to you instead of through retail outlets. This keeps the cost down and more pet owners able to feed raw. We delivery via our large commercial insulated truck equipped with a Thermoking freezer unit to keep the raw dog food frozen during our delivery process.

How The Process Works

Step 1. Place your order via our easy and convenient online e-commerce store.
Step 2. Choose your pick up location, date and time. We currently have 20 locations to choose from. Our trucks stay at each location for 20-35 minutes to ensure you are able to pick up your order on time.
Step 3. An order confirmation will be sent to you with your delivery location and time. (If you do not receive an order confirmation please contact us)
Step 4. On the day of your delivery, stay updated on our ETA and watch our truck in real time via Twitter.
Step 5. Upon arrival at your designated stop you will find your order packaged up with your name and a number on the box indicating how many boxes you need to drive away with.

We always encourage you to check your order before you leave. We typically carry extra food on the truck to correct any mistakes.
NOTE: We combine several products in one box. Look in each box when checking your orders.

Bring your dog(s) when you pick up your order. We love to meet our pet clients, and you will get to meet like minded raw feeders.  Our customers run the gamut. You will meet CEO’s of large corporations to heads of rescue groups and exceptional breeders of all kinds. We have doctors, oncologist, vet techs and people who understand the advantage of raw with Champions in the show ring. Many of our clients are involved in organizations like SAR dogs, Mondioring Clubs, Shutzhund Clubs, Drafting and Carting competition as well as many other dog events. But all of our customers just want the very best food for their best companion(s).

We Are Green and Recycle Boxes
We pride ourselves on being a green company and recycling our boxes. Bring your empty boxes to your next pick up location and we will gladly recycle them so we can keep the earth clean and your cost down.



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