Delivery Process

We deliver directly to our customers instead of through retail outlets. This keeps the cost down and helps more pet owners able to feed raw. We delivery via our large commercial insulated truck equipped with a Thermoking freezer unit that keeps your product safe from thawing during the delivery process.

Step 1. Orders are placed via our Online E-commercee store.
Step 2. Delivery is scheduled at time of ordering and customers choose their optimal delivery location, date and time. We typically stay at each location for 20-35 minutes to ensure you are able to pick up your order easily.
Step 3. Order confirmation is sent to the customer with verification of delivery location and time. (If you do not receive an order confirmation prior to the day of delivery please contact us)
Step 4. Day of delivery stay updated on our ETA via Twitter and watch our truck in real time via Glimpse.
Step 5. Upon arrival at your designated stop you will find your order packaged up with your name and a number on the box indicating how many boxes you need to drive away with.

We always encourage you to check your order before you leave. We typically carry extra food on the truck to correct any mistakes.
NOTE: We combine several products in one box. Look in each box when checking your orders.

Bring your dog(s) when you pick up your order. We love to meet our pet clients, and you will get to meet like minded raw feeders.  Our customers run the gamut. You will meet CEO’s of large corporations to heads of rescue groups and exceptional breeders of all kinds. We have doctors, oncologist, vet techs and people who understand the advantage of raw with Champions in the show ring. Many of our clients are involved in organizations like SAR dogs, Mondioring Clubs, Shutzhund Clubs, Drafting and Carting competition as well as many other dog events. But all of our customers just want the very best food for their best companion(s).

We Are Green We Recycle Boxes
We pride ourselves on being a green company and recycling our boxes. Bring your empty boxes to your next pick up location and we will gladly recycle them so we can keep the earth clean and your cost down.

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