Why We Love Mushrooms For Health

How Mushrooms Protect Your Dog

Mushrooms live in some pretty harsh environments, so they’ve had to build up their natural defenses. When your dog eats mushrooms, these defenses are passed on to him. 

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Mushrooms contain many vitamins and minerals that boost your dog’s overall health. And they’re full of potent antioxidants that …

  • Protect immune cells from damage 
  • Optimize the immune system 
  • Reduce disease causing inflammation 

Mushrooms also have a polysaccharide (soluble fiber) called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is found in the cell walls of mushrooms and is a prebiotic that feeds the healthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract. In return, the bacteria secrete metabolites that boost your dog’s health. The beta-glucans found in certain mushrooms also bind to and stimulate immune cells to enhance the immune response. All of this helps strengthen your dog’s immune system, which means he’ll have a better chance of preventing kennel cough and other infections.