Vet Industry Insider Tells All

Vet Industry Insider Tells All

Recently we were contacted by a Vet Med Industry Insider here is what she wanted us to know…

“When we surround ourselves online with like minded individuals, it becomes easier to assume you are in the majority, yet unfortunately that’s still not the case. Every day I see pet parents being fooled by conventional medicine, and of course, employees are brainwashed beyond belief. No one at my job thinks for themselves and most spend more time bad mouthing clients for not complying than genuinely asking them why. 

I want to speak up for the quiet pet care team members. Most that don’t even realize they need a voice because theirs has not necessarily been taken, it’s been replaced. For the voice in their head that frantically tries to come up with a quick scripted response to a question from a “difficult”, aka, educated client. Those who relay answers from overworked doctors with even the slightest bit of doubt in their voice, because they already know the end result. Those that are pressured to tell white lies to cover up miscellanious mistakes. Those who are bulied into submission. Those that often get to work late because they had to bribe themselves by buying coffee or energy drinks, yet secretly wish they had their baristas job instead. 

No, they’re not doctors, but they are human! They do have intuition, passion, and morals. They notice trends and can put two & two together. They just can’t do better, until they know better! Many have what I call the SeaWorld syndrome. They stay because they feel that if they don’t, the pets, and clients that they care about,  will be left behind to receive sub par care.  

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Many of us, myself included, have spent years or even decades dedicated to this profession, and find it extremely daunting to think of starting over or doing anything BUT vet med. 

I believe we are beginning to see a shift in pet parents. More are asking about raw diets, titer testing, and declining certain vaccines and so called “preventatives”. I applaud these owners.  

Unfortunately their actions are still treated with disapproval, fear tactics, and in some cases, refusal of service.” – PF

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