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Greeley – Saturday 1:30 PM – North Route

Raw Dog Food Delivery Greeley Colorado, location address: 920 47th Ave. Greeley 80634

Location Specifics: Meet the Raw Dog Food delivery truck in Walmart Parking Lot

Delivery Information: We make every effort to arrive as close as possible to our published ETA’s. Our Raw Dog Food truck is allotted 20 minutes at each pickup location from the scheduled arrival time.

Occasionally we run into traffic and weather conditions which may cause a slight variance to our arrival time. On the delivery day, we’ll post our ETA’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Follow the Delivery Truck web page.

How to order: 

View our Raw Dog Food products here  – Shop Online Raw Dog Food and Company Store

Place items in your cart – choose “Raw Pickup From the Truck or Warehouse Express”.

Raw Dog Food and Company Raw Dog Food Pickup and delivery


Choose Greeley – Saturday 1:30 PM – North Route. The pickup locations are in alphabetical order. Scroll through the list to find the Greeley option.

Raw Dog Food and Company Raw Dog Food pickup locations


Choose a pickup date (if the date is grayed out the order period has already closed for this date) click “Checkout” to continue to the payment screen.

Once your order is successfully placed you’ll receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your order has not processed in our system. Once you do receive the confirmation email be sure to verify that both the location and date are correct. If you find an error please contact us ASAP so we can correct it for you.

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Feb 11 2023


1:30 pm - 1:50 pm

Pickup Location

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Greeley - Saturday 1:30 PM

Pickup Information

Greeley - Saturday 1:30 PM
Walmart Supercenter, 47th Avenue, Greeley, CO, USA
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