brians dog tips raw feeders

Brian’s Tips for Raw Feeders

Brian a 5 year veteran of feeding a species appropriate diet. During that time, Brian has learned and seen a lot from other raw feeders. Brians goal has always been to help others do the same and to share how easy feeding your dogs well can be. Brian has compiled 10 tips to help pet parents everywhere. The first two are as follows in Brian’s own words.

Chicken PMR

The meat used to produce the blend is USDA Certified and Inspected for Human Consumption. The meat comes into the facility fresh just like you’d purchase from your local butcher or meat counter. 

1) Just get started. Don’t get bogged down in details or think you must know everything before starting. You can learn as you go, and the sooner you get your pet off processed cardboard, the better.

2) Find a mentor. Chances are there is someone near you that also feeds raw. See if they would be willing to guide you and share their experience. Having a friend to talk to can be less intimidating than online groups, and you don’t have to muddle through the inevitable arguments amongst passionate people.

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