Beginners Step By Step Instructions

Raw feeding is easy just a little different than pouring hard kibble into a bowl. Just follow these step by step instructions and you will soon understand why we say “Friends Don’t Let Friends Feed Kibble”.

  1. Determine how much food to feed your pup per day. We have (2) feeding calculators: the first one on the feeding chart page is for adults (over 68 weeks) the next one down the page is for puppies. When determining puppies feeding amount adjust the age by the drop down menu of age ranges.
  2. Determine how much food you want to purchase. Most of the time customers start out with 2 weeks worth of food since most our routes run every (2) weeks. However some pet parents have large chest freezers and will buy 1-3 months at a time.
  3. Here is how you determine how many pounds you will need per month. Let’s say the chart says to feed 20 ounces per day. Multiply 20 x 30 days in a month. That equals 600 ounces. Take 600 and divide by 16 because 16 ounces is a pound. So 600 divided by 16 is 37.5 pounds of food. If you want to purchase for just 2 weeks divide that number in half which is 18.75 pounds of food. We typically suggest to purchase a 20# case of food or (2) 10# cases for a two week supply. If you want to purchase for the entire month you will want to grab 40# of food.
  4. Now what to purchase? Any of these blends 80/10/10, PMRs or the Veggie Blends. It does not matter. Almost every blend we have includes the organs and ground bone. That is what is important. But if you want a suggestion on which blends to start with how about doing a variety pack? Each box is 10#. The PMR Variety Box or the HVM Variety Box with Veggies. Or create your own rotational diet here is a sample.
  5. When should you rotate proteins if just starting out on one protein like a beef or turkey?
  6. What if your pup doesn’t like certain blends? Read the Raw Feeding Cheat Sheet for Tips and Tricks.
  7. The food comes to you frozen. Thaw out from 3-5 days worth at a time. Thaw in a container. Feed the juices to your pup don’t throw it away!
  8. What about bones in the blends are they safe? Read this short article by Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM
  9. What if my Vet discourages me from the raw diet? We hear it a lot – but let us explain and even more reasons.
  10. What are the best supplements to add into the raw diet? Phytoplankton is a whole food with amazing vitamin and minerals. Green lipped mussel oil is amazing with 10x the power of fish oil. Various extremely powerful and clean probiotics – rotate all three. Use one jar move to the next. Any whole food freeze dried foods are amazing like the Brain Food, Red Rover Organic Berries, Green Rover Organic Grasses, Guts and Glory Freeze Dried Organs – all of these are real food. Exceptional just add one or two of these to the raw blends.


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